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> From Thu May 20 13:56:01 1999
> John,
>  > I know you're probably not as involved in CSS as you were, but I had=
>  an
>  > idea/question about messing with fonts, and was wondering if you cou=
> ld
>  > tell me whom I'd need to bring it to the attention of?  Basically I =
> want
>  > to be able to print text with words rotated in increments of 45 or 9=
> 0
>  > degrees (I'm trying to duplicate dada-like placards from the teens a=
> nd
>  > 1920s using just text). In other words, have a D facing up, or lette=
> rs
>  > printed upside down, and I can't find any way of doing this with CSS=
> 1 or
>  > CSS2, unless I've overlooked something.  I'd be very interested to h=
> ear
>  > what you have to say.
> The idea has come up a few times, but noone have sugeested a clean CSS
> syntax and description of this feature. Perhaps there could be some
> synergy with SVG? In any case, the mailing list is
> the right place for discussions and proposals.
> -h&kon
I'm purposely including my original message and the attached reply so that I
have a reference point that everyone knows what I'm talking about. Please 
forgive me if anyone feels I'm "flogging a dead horse" as I saw no archived
postings regarding font rotation in the last couple of months.
As you can see above, my reason for asking about rotating fonts and its support
(or lack thereof) in either CSS or XSL is due to my desire to duplicate
"original" Dada documents on my website devoted to the movement.  Certainly
being able to rotate a font in increments of 45 or 90 degrees would potentially
have other uses as well.  I'd simply like to know if enough other people think
that this is something that would be worth implementing (i.e. is the answer to
"Are people going to use this if we add it?" yes), and if so, how you think
the best way might be to go about it.  I know I can type words in a graphic
program and tell it to rotate them as a graphic, but I'd like to be able to
have even text-only browsers have some way of parsing it all as text, even if
said browser has to indicate to its user that the page is displaying text on its
side, which the browser cannot display due to screen limitations.  Again, I'd
be very interested to hear if anyone thinks this is even a good idea (if not,
I'll go to graphics and long ALT tags).  Thank you for your time and 

John Buell

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