Re: an example of something different

There's a DIV which contains an image and its caption.  The style for the
DIV specifies that it should float left with a 4 point padding.  It's
followed by a paragraph which is styled with a left and right margin of
zero, a thick green solid border, oversized text and a padding of 10 points.
Since the DIV is floated and there is enough large text to exceed the height
of the image, I would expect the underlying paragraph to resume its zero
left margin below the image.  It's actually a well written pair of classes
which IEv5 interprets quite well.


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> This email does not contain a complaint or proposal.  Rather, I stumbled
upon what I consider a rather happy accident and thought I
> would share it with the group.
> >From the web address shown below, select Cover Stories from menu at the
site below, then select the link Bird Lives: Year 44.  About
> half-way down you may see a merging of text wrapping around a graphics
box, at least if you use IE 5.0.  When I browse it with
> Netscape 4.08 or 4.5, it looks like the way it is coded, just two boxes
side by side.
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