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On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, Nicolas Lesbats wrote:

> I don't know if the "reverse()" value could be extended to another
> property, and if the compatibility would be respected if the <Em>
> element was defined by :
> Em { font-style: italic reverse(italic, normal) }

No, in this case a valid CSS1 or CSS2 parser would drop the entire

> And stylesheets are cascading, you cannot know the exact rendering
> of a tag (for instance because of a user stylesheet). I really
> believe that there is something to do.

This comes under the general heading of "property codependency".


The currently accepted solution is to be careful when authoring
documents. David Baron is planning on writing some more detailed
guidelines to be sure that problems like this do not occur with
user-written user stylesheets.

> Ajouter un homme  un projet en retard, c'est ajouter du retard  un
> projet.

How true...

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