Re: Italic

Nicolas Lesbats wrote:

> |       P.note { font-style: italic }
> |       EM { font-style: italic }
> |       P.note EM { font-style : normal}
> |       P.note EM EM { font-style : italic }
> Do you really think that is a good solution ?? You have a lot of tags
> which are rendered italic. Suppose you have ten tags like Em. You will
> have to write about 100 lines like this above !

	No, 10 only. Groups of selectors are made for that.

> And stylesheets are cascading, you cannot know the exact rendering of a
> tag (for instance because of a user stylesheet).

	Interesting argument. But remember that

a) author declarations override normal user declarations
b) important user declarations override normal author declarations

(and it does not take the values of these declarations under consideration)

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