Re: Question: Identation based on first child, how?

Ian Hickson wrote:

>    DIV:contains(H2) { margin-left: 10%; }

I would prefer

    DIV:selected > H2

where one :selected pseudo max is allowed per selector and means
that the corresponding element is the subject of the
selector. If no :selected is in the selector, then the normal
rule applies and the subject of the selector is the last
selected element in the selector.

This means selecting on children while we can only select on
ancestors and predecessors for the moment. It partially breaks
propressive rendering but it also blocks complex webified
application. Anyway, what is not in CSS selectors can be done
with scripting so I believe it is necessary to provide a simple
and declarative way to do the samething.


Received on Monday, 15 March 1999 10:18:14 UTC