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> This is probably off-topic, and I encourage y'all to flame me, but I've been
> curious about something...
> Do other countries honor US patent law?  What's to stop non-US companies from
> cheerfully violating what is essentially a US-specific regulation?  On the same
> thread, why is a US company in charge of all domains world-wide?
> It just seems that discussion of the Internet is always centered on the US and
> its policies.

I have asked twice to Thomas Reardon, Microsoft representative at W3C, to
tell us if MS has an equivalent patent in another country. I obtained
no answer at all. My messages had a Cc to MS lawyer, she did not answer
either. It seems that Microsoft CSS algo forgot to implement
'background-color : transparent' :-( Really a shame.

I guess that a non-US company implementing CSS will fall under US regulation
rules if a product is physically distributed in the US using a VAR...

If sales are online, and if the web site explicitely mentions that the applicable
legal system on the sales contract is company's national legal system, I guess
that the general rules of World Trade Organization apply...

Anyway, given the fact that products have been released a long time before
MS patent, given the fact that most of these tools are protected by
national or international regulations, I guess that MS tools potentially
face more difficulties than others do....

Only my 0.02$...

</Daniel>, Electricité de France AC-Rep @ W3C

Received on Friday, 12 March 1999 05:23:02 UTC