Random images and colors - hover images


	What I would like to do is to randomize the background on loading
my page. I have a list of background images a001.gif to a200.gif and the
User Agent would have to choose one.

	Since CSS is not a scripting language, the only solution would be 
to refer to an external scripting language, such as javascript. Example :

	Body { background-image: javascript("a_function") }

Or :

	Body { background-image: url(javascript("the_same_function")) }

There may be problems with compatibiliy, the ideal syntax would have to be

	I don't know if all controls of javacsript on a HTML page would
have to be allowed. Maybe the User Agent should only apply the value
returned by the function.

	The same problem occurs with the colors in general.

	So, have anyone a solution ?


Received on Thursday, 11 March 1999 14:48:13 UTC