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>From: Garth Wallace <>
>Date: Tue, Jul 27, 1999, 11:10 AM
> So, how would this work? Would each element resize individually,

Yes.  But obviously resizing an element affects the flow and layout of all
elements following it.  So resizing on element could easily have the effect
of resizing following elements.

> or would there be some way of simulating a frameset (where moving
> one border resizes all frames that share the border)?

The basic outline of how you would simulate a frameset, is to use the OBJECT
tag to "load" the external frames, and then use CSS to set the width and
height of the OBJECTS, set overflow:scroll if you want scroll bars on the
"frames", and set resizer:both if you want them to be resizable by the
traditional mechanism of clicking on their borders etc.


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>> The CSS working group is working on a working draft on CSS UI to address
>> this and other aspects of user interface rendering / interactivity.
>> Since you asked specifically about defining resizability of blocks, here
>> are
>> a few brief words on the "resizer" property which is part of that draft:
>> 'resizer'
>>  Values:  auto | both | horizontal | vertical | none | inherit
>>  Initial: auto
>>  Applies to: all elements
>>  Inherited: no
>>  Percentages: n/a
>>  Media: interactive
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