Re: About this mailing list (was: <U> Deprecated)


I noticed that to(I'm glad you recieved my note.) I
checked it out and I believe the reason I received
your post so soon was that your email program sent a
copy to me as well as the list. So I received your
response almost immediately. Which doesn't explain why
it took so long for your response to post to the list.
Backup maybe???

Jason Weigle

--- Jelks Cabaniss <> wrote:
> Folks, pardon the off-topic deviation here, but I've
> got a question about this
> mailing list:
> My inbox shows I received Mr. Weigle's post (about
> DIV and SPAN in IE) at 8:29
> AM on Monday, the 19th.  My reply (see below), which
> went only to the list, went
> out at 9:05 AM.  I received a personal reply (not to
> the list) from him at 9:28
> AM, so obviously he saw my post.  But *I* didn't see
> my post.  Others replied
> both yesterday and today to his post.
> Then, at 3:55 PM, over a day later, I finally
> receive my post to the list.  How
> is this?  Obviously, *he* saw it almost immediately,
> since he replied to me
> personally.  Why is it that I didn't see it until a
> day and a half later, yet I
> *did* see everyone else's response?
> /Jelks

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