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Jelks Cabaniss writes:
 > Folks, pardon the off-topic deviation here, but I've got a question about this
 > mailing list:
 > My inbox shows I received Mr. Weigle's post (about DIV and SPAN in IE) at 8:29
 > AM on Monday, the 19th.  My reply (see below), which went only to the list, went
 > out at 9:05 AM.  I received a personal reply (not to the list) from him at 9:28
 > AM, so obviously he saw my post.  But *I* didn't see my post.  Others replied
 > both yesterday and today to his post.
 > Then, at 3:55 PM, over a day later, I finally receive my post to the list.  How
 > is this?  Obviously, *he* saw it almost immediately, since he replied to me
 > personally.  Why is it that I didn't see it until a day and a half later, yet I
 > *did* see everyone else's response?

I think I can explain. Assuming this an individual occurrence:

The explanation is probably in the temporary overloading of the W3C
mail server Tuesday morning (US Eastern Time). Some broken mailer
somewhere was flooding one of our mailing lists with multiple copies
of the same mail, which caused the disk to fill up, which in turn
caused the sendmail deamon to slow down to a crawl. Everything went
back to normal eventually, and no e-mail was lost, but some outgoing
mails were delayed by a couple of hours.

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