RE: <U> Deprecated

Jason Weigle wrote:

> If I could just comment about something that Steven
> wrote. Be wary when using <span> to delineate sections
> to apply style to. <span> is a Netscape origninated
> tag, designed specifically for use in stylesheets and
> such. To my knowledge(and please correct me if I'm
> wrong), Internet Explorer's rendering of this tag is
> limited, if not non-existent.

> The reason that I wanted to comment on this was that I
> had to go back and change several sections of my
> websites from <span> to <div> in order to to get them
> to render properly on IE. It's just one more of those
> little things that make designing webpages so fun! :)

This is simply not correct.  DIV and SPAN are "generic" containers, and part of
the HTML 4.0 Recommendation.  DIV is a *block* level generic container, SPAN an
*inline* one.


<div>This is a generic block that contains an inline. Reversing
their roles is <span class="growl">not</span> wise.</div>

My only guess is you had invalid markup (did you run it through a validator?)
that confused IE.  IE handles SPAN just fine; CSS-styled SPANs have "worked" in
IE since version 3.


Received on Tuesday, 20 July 1999 09:06:08 UTC