I'd like to propose a new property called min-font-size.  Max-font-size
could be useful (though less so) as well.

The main use would be for users to specify that authors could vary the
font-size within certain parameters only.

I think it might be most useful if it were to relate to the font-size of
the element on which it is applied, rather than the parent.

For example, a user style sheet with
BODY { font-size: 18pt; min-font-size: 90% }
would specify that nothing in the body could vary the font-size to less
than 90% of 18pt. So <SMALL style="font-size: 0.7em">blah</SMALL> in a
document would still be readable to that person. (Assuming no other
elements had min-font-size set).

min/max-font-size would take the same values as the font-size property.
The setting would cascade, but not inherit, i.e. the relation will
always be with the font-size of the original element.

Min and max of other properties like margin and padding would be useful
too (for totally different reasons).

George Lund

Received on Wednesday, 14 July 1999 13:50:22 UTC