To the listserv administrator

[[Apologies for sending this to the listserv, but I have had not luck sending
messages to the mail addresses at W3C eg]]

I receive double messages from this listserv. I think the problem is that my
email address changed (only slightly) and although I unsubscribed with my old
email address using the proper procedures and subscribed using the new address,
I keep on getting mail from both. Our mail administrator looked into the matter
and assured me the problem is not on this side.

Could someone please forward this message to the responsible party?

Please remove

My address is:

Thanks a lot

Jacques Steyn (PhD)
Associate Professor: Multimedia
Department of Information Science
School for Information Technology
University Pretoria
South Africa

Tel +27 12 420 4258
Fax +27 12 362 5181
Information Science
School for Information Technology

Received on Friday, 9 July 1999 03:18:56 UTC