Re: IDs *not* in selectors

>> selectors 

>Both are perfectly legal CSS, as Peter explained.  

Appendix D is not written in my native language, and I admit to a
problem understanding it, even when 'optimized for human consumption'.

>However, such
>selectors cannot match anything in a legal HTML document, since ID
>attributes in HTML must begin with a letter [1].  However, since HTML
>does not define error-handling rules, I think it's really up to the
>user-agent whether to allow this or not.

When HTML has a normative definition for ID and name tokens (1), why
would CSS deliberately introduce this conflict with that definition? I'd
also posit that UAs decision(s) on whether to 'allow' this might well be
divergent, thereby introducing yet another layer^Wstratum of confusion
amongst authors. This issue has been discussed previously, and I'd
thought it was settled. (2)

Sue Sims


Received on Thursday, 8 July 1999 15:55:17 UTC