Re: When font-size and font size collide

Tantek Celik a écrit :
> > However, I *think* <font size="+2"> is often treated as relative to the
> > base font size of the document, not the font size of the parent
> > element.
> It is.  FONT SIZE=+/- is pretty bizarre and completely unrepresentable in
> CSS.


Next problem : FONT SIZE=+3 cannot be easily deprecated because it is
not possible in CSS to declare that the font size of an element should
be increased or decreased by more than one arbitrary unit... The %
values do not easily solve the problem.
I'd really love to make these FONT elements disappear from all my
documents but it is a very dirty job w/o such a feature.

	font-size : larger(3)



Received on Tuesday, 17 August 1999 18:37:17 UTC