Re: When font-size and font size collide

> However, I *think* <font size="+2"> is often treated as relative to the
> base font size of the document, not the font size of the parent
> element.

It is.  FONT SIZE=+/- is pretty bizarre and completely unrepresentable in

For example:

<FONT SIZE=-1><FONT SIZE=-1>Sample text 1</FONT></FONT>

<SMALL><SMALL>Sample text 2</SMALL></SMALL>

Sample text 2 will be smaller because SMALL is cumulative, and FONT SIZE=-1
is not.

And yes, FONT SIZE=+/- is treated relative to the containing BASEFONT SIZE=
tag.  There is an implicit BASEFONT SIZE=3 somewhere near the top of the
document tree.

Blame HTML 3.2.


Received on Tuesday, 17 August 1999 16:34:43 UTC