Re: Speak-Punctuation

Liam Quinn a écrit :

> >Isn't
> >
> >  The Man From <ACRONYM STYLE="speak-ponctuation : none">
> >               U.N.C.L.E</ACRONYM>
> >
> >enough ?
> I don't think so.  "speak-punctuation: none" says that punctuation is
> rendered as "various pauses", which would make "U.N.C.L.E" sound quite
> awkward.

But the duration of the pause is not defined. Maybe a better a answer
to the problem is a punctuation-pause-duration property taking a time
as value, isn't it ? Then you could define

	punctuation-pause-duration : 0s

to get the effect you are looking for in the case of an acronym...


Received on Friday, 13 August 1999 12:33:00 UTC