Minimum CSS support profile (was RE: OPINIONS WANTED: regexps in CSS?)

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> I agree very strongly with Braden's comments on minimum profiles, except I
> personally think CSS2 is WAY beyond the minimum profile.  CSS1 is probably
> much better target, plus CSS Positioning.  CSS2 is huge, from an
> implementation standpoint, and has many complex features.

I fully realize that CSS2 is already well out of reach for the next
generation of Web browsers. While it's great to see work being done to make
CSS a more powerful mechanism for layout, I really wish there were a means
of divorcing the enhancements--at least, the bulk of them--from the
clarifications made to the CSS1 spec. I think it's very important that those
clarifications be reflected in browsers sooner rather than later.

I think some kind of "errata" addendum to the CSS1 spec would help underline


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