Re: IE, NN and background-position: thpppt!

Thus spake Stephanos Piperoglou:
> I assume (I haven't checked) that the BODY has a default margin, but has
> padding set to 0. So this behaviour is consistent.

My most recent revision to the "Base Stylesheet"[1] has the body margin set
to 0 and the padding set at 8 pixels. Previously I had the margin at 8
pixels, 0 padding, and the background-position set to -8px. It's certainly
cleaner now, though I understand that it's no longer in line with the spec.

> And don't forget that
> padding goes OUTSIDE a border, so this also makes sense. If you create an
> element with padding, border, margin and background image, you expect the
> image to be contained within the border. (if you don't, enclose it in a
> parent element with appropriate background and make it transparent).. So I
> think there's no mistake in the spec.

I never said it was a mistake, but in light of the consistent
misimplementation and the (arguable) virtue of said misimplementations,
perhaps it would be best to adjust course in CSS2?


Todd Fahrner

Received on Wednesday, 11 March 1998 13:32:24 UTC