I'm not a browser author, but I wrote the CSS parser and
renderer for Dreamweaver. If regexp becomes part of the
CSS spec, I don't imagine that we would support it for
some time.

Adding complexity to CSS means that vendor compliance
will become worse than it already is. I believe that this would
hurt CSS more than it would help.

Senior Software Engineer
Macromedia Dreamweaver

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>> This discussion has centered on the user, but remember the developer.
>> One of the nice things in the XML spec was that it was stated
>> "It shall be easy to write programs for XML"
>> If regexp  becomes part of the CSS specification, then a whole new layer
>> complexity is added to any program that is written for the standard, and
>> automatically it means that only those companies that have the resources
>> support them. That means that prices go up etc. etc.
>Of course this is a very important point... So how about it? Can we hear
>from some browser developers on this?

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