Re: OPINIONS WANTED: regexps in CSS? (Re: Suggestion for Attribute Selectors)

Bert Bos wrote:

>Everybody's opinion wanted!

Regexps in CSS: much needed very seldom by very few.

When I first became a CSS 'believer', it seemed to me that the primary
goal should be a consistent property-based styling language that would
simplify both markup and UA design. Considering the unfinished state of
basic work in the CSS2 spec (e.g. tables) and the depressing state of UA
support for even the basic CSS1 spec, I think any serious consideration
of regexps is premature. The basic foundation still needs a lot of work.

Although there's obviously a need for programmatic styling, I thought it
was a foregone conclusion CSS wouldn't be the means.

David Perrell

Received on Wednesday, 11 March 1998 12:50:50 UTC