implementation of FIRST-LETTER - possible problem (fwd)

Once upon a time Chris Croome shaped the electrons to say...
>I realize that neither NN4 or MSIE4 have actually
>implemented the FIRST-LETTER tag (for large dropcap effects)

This should go to

>1)	When the first paragraph is a quote, e.g. "In my
>experience, browser support for CSS is..." In this case BOTH
>the " and the first letter should be counted at the
>FIRST-LETTER. Will this be the case?

That is what the specification says.

>2)	When the page is in the form of questions and answers,
>e.g. Q: What do you think of browser support for CSS... In
>this case both the Q and the : should be counted as the
>FIRST-LETTER. Again will this be the case?

I doubt it.  There is no way for them to know what you are trying to
do, and this is not a standard format.  You'd be better off wrapping
that in a SPAN and setting it explicitly.

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