Re: Precedence within a stylesheet

Hakon Lie wrote:
> This is stated in [1]:
>  "Find all declarations that apply to the element/property in question.
>   Declarations apply if the selector matches the element in question. If
>   no declarations apply, the inherited value is used."

The problem is that you *don't* in fact define what it means to
match.  For the longest time I tried to reconcile this with the
other rules.  It only makes sense if the leaf element *must* match,
and we clearly agree,  but the explicit statement is terse but 
somewhat vague.

> (We should probably have defined "match" in the terminology section,
> but we seem to have the same understanding of the term so I don't
> believe that's the source of confusion.)

I think match (and other terms) should be specified close to their
point of usage.  Also,  it would be helpful to have examples which
included rules which don't match, examples of multiple style sheets
being merged, etc.  On the other hand,  the spec isn't a tutorial,
so I'm comfortable with very little of that sort of material.

Doug Rand
Silicon Graphics/SSO
Disclaimer: These are my views,  SGI's views are in 3D

Received on Friday, 19 September 1997 17:12:47 UTC