Re: Any way to make a non-blocktype element block-type

On Sat, 6 Sep 1997, marduk wrote:
> I have an example where I want to make an element which is not defined as
> a block-type element have block-type properties.  Really hard to explain
> in words, but look at the page
> This is the way I want my page to look.  However, currently I am using
> tables to do this.  I would like to instead use a document <DL> list and
> have the light blue boxes be a <DT> and the text below a <DD>.
> However, if I say
> DT { background url(light-blue.gif) }
> or whatever in my style sheet, the background only surrounds the text, not
> the entire "block".  I presume it's because <DT> is not a block-type
> element.  Is there another way to do this?

So you want the entire "margins" of the DT element to share the blue
background, right?

DT is already a block element, the prolem is that MSIE 3.0, and I believe
NS4.0 don't extend the backgrounds the entire margin length, even though
it is my understanding that the full margin width is the width of the
BODY, which by default is the width of the browser window.  I'm kind of
bummed by this myself.

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