Re: Base Stylesheet for HTML 4.0 under Netscape 4.03/X11

On Oct 16,  9:42am, Ben Combee wrote:
> [Bug reports - I hope you submitted them to Netscap ebug reports page? }

> Oh, one other thing that annoys me about the current set of 4.0
> browsers... they all have "view source" options to see the raw HTML,
> but none of them have a "view style sheet" option to let you view a
> linked style sheet.  That might be easy to add to IE 4 with its
> VBScript extensibility... if I ever get much free time I'll look into it.

One difference is tht there is only a single HTML document (modulo
frames) but there can be multiple linked stylesheets, some of which
are not being applied (media or title) and also the style emlement
and style attributes. Displaying some or all of this is not as simple
as viewing sourece in HTML.

Which is not to say that I think a means of viewing stylesheets should
not be provided. On the contrary. I may be prepared to figure out the
url of the styleshet and then do
 lynx -source url > file.css; xemacs file.css
but most folks aren't ;-)

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