Base Stylesheet for HTML 4.0 under Netscape 4.03/X11

First, thanks to Todd for making this available.  It looks like it
will be a wonderful resource.

On the other hand, Todd's test page showed me several huge holes in
Netscape Communicator for SunOS 4.03's handling of CSS.

First, an easy one... I tried to resize the window after displaying
the page, and Netscape just presented a blank canvas -- no text.

Two, the H1 declaration puts Netscape in the situation of having
overlapping fonts.  I suspect a line-height problem here.

Three, the list items are displayed VERY WRONG... they look like

           this is an unordered list
           this is another one

Four, the embedded table looks like two big solid black
rectangles... this surprised me, but its probably an artifact of
Netscape's inheritance tree.

Five, the big surprise... all the text styles just overlapped!  If I
highlight the mess, I see "this is cite" blinking on and off with
"this is blink", with other letters below it.  Looks like a "display:
inline" or "float: none" or "clear: none" bug.

Oh, one other thing that annoys me about the current set of 4.0
browsers... they all have "view source" options to see the raw HTML,
but none of them have a "view style sheet" option to let you view a
linked style sheet.  That might be easy to add to IE 4 with its
VBScript extensibility... if I ever get much free time I'll look into it.
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Received on Thursday, 16 October 1997 10:45:01 UTC