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On Oct 6,  9:01am, E. Stephen Mack wrote:

> It's true that both Navigator 4 and IE 4 require the width and
> height attributes in order to make sense of the OBJECT element,
> but the current draft of W3C does *not* require the width and
> height attributes [1]; they are just #IMPLIED:
> <!ELEMENT OBJECT - - (PARAM | %inline; | %blocklevel;)* -- generic
> embedded object -->
> [...]
>   height      %Length;   #IMPLIED  -- suggested height --
>   width       %Length;   #IMPLIED  -- suggested width --
> [1]

Yes, the latest public draft $Date: 1997/09/17 11:45:33 $
does say that (Incidentally, it helps when citing drafts to say
which dated version was consulted). I think that is an error.

There is a tension between trying to remove presentational attributes
and trying to make du allowance for current implementations. For
object, the UA needs to hand off somne screen real-estate to whatever
code is implementing the object (assuming it isn't the UA itself, which
it might be).

HTML allows the width and height to be given in pixels; CSS allows a wider
choice of units; curreent implementations will break, in many cases, if
width and height are not in the HTML.

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