alternate font properties

A while ago, Todd Fahrner noted a need for alternate font size and
styling properties in addition to the font-family. Having just had
occasion to wish for the same, I wonder why the current spec couldn't
be easily enhanced with a minor expansion of allowed values for the
'font' property.

Currently, 'font' is a "shorthand property for setting 'font-style'
'font-variant' 'font-weight' 'font-size', 'line-height' and
'font-family' at the same place in the style sheet." The examples show
multiple font-families comma-delimited. But the commas could delimit
multiple complete font declarations without altering current usage.


  P { font: normal 10pt/12pt Verdana, 11pt Arial, 11pt sans-serif } 

  H2 { font: normal 14pt/14pt "Friz Quadrata", bold Palatino, serif }

When an alternate font declaration is used, any associated properties
are also applied. However unless specifically overridden, properties
set in each subsequent font declaration would inherit those previously
defined. In the first example above, the 2nd and 3rd declarations
inherit the 14pt line-height from the initial declaration. In the
second example, the 2nd and 3rd declarations inherit the 14pt/14pt
font-size/line-height from the initial declaration, and the 3rd
declaration inherits the bold font-weight from the second.

It seems to me this could be implemented with little effort and no
breakage, since by the above rules the current examples are still

I can't find Todd's message and I may be simply repeating his
suggestion, but, whatever, it seems like a good idea to me and
shouldn't fade away.

David Perrell

Received on Monday, 28 July 1997 14:03:04 UTC