blink and child elements / underline and subscript

Unlike overline, underline, and linethrough, it's not immediately 
obvious to me how "blink" is rendered within child elements, since 
the property is not inherited.

Additionally, with linethrough, underline, and overline are the lines 
drawn strictly in the position they should be for the highest most 
element that set them, or should their position be adjusted for 
varying line-heights and font-sizes in the child elements, or can the 
children interrupt the line?


P { text-decoration: underline }
SUB { vertical-align: sub }


Bear with bad ASCII reps:
Render A:

log 2
---+-  (where '+' is an 'n' with a line through it)

Render B:
log 2
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Received on Thursday, 24 July 1997 11:02:33 UTC