Re: blink and child elements / underline and subscript

Neil St.Laurent writes:
 > Unlike overline, underline, and linethrough, it's not immediately 
 > obvious to me how "blink" is rendered within child elements, since 
 > the property is not inherited.

Child elements should probably blink in sync with their parents.

 > Additionally, with linethrough, underline, and overline are the lines 
 > drawn strictly in the position they should be for the highest most 
 > element that set them, or should their position be adjusted for 
 > varying line-heights and font-sizes in the child elements, or can the 
 > children interrupt the line?
 > Ex.
 > P { text-decoration: underline }
 > SUB { vertical-align: sub }
 > <P>log<SUB>n</SUB>2</P>
 > Bear with bad ASCII reps:
 > Render A:
 > log 2
 > ---+-  (where '+' is an 'n' with a line through it)
 > Render B:
 > log 2
 > ---n-

I would say that the line remains at the same height. At least that
seems the right thing to do when the "n" were superscript instead of
subscript, or when the decoration were 'overline'. Whether you
interrupt the line or not is your own choice. That's too detailed for
CSS to specify.

Let me give some background:

The text decorations currently are simple lines, but some day they may
include other things, such as a rounded rectangle (cartouche), a line
that increases in thickness (crescendo), or a dotted line. The dotted
line especially is likely to be added soon, since a row of dots over a
word is a common way of emphasizing in Japanese text.

Now consider this text

    span.boxed {text-decoration: cartouche}
    <span class="boxed">A few <em>boxed</em> words</span>

It should look somewhat like this:

    |A few BOXED words|

and *not* like this:

    |A few |BOXED| words|

That's why we say the decoration continues in the child elements, but
is not inherited.

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