Re: Style sheet misuse advice

Greetings all.

After a private discussion about what should be the recommended practice in
regards to assigning colors in CSS,  Liam, Urban and myself have decided to
post these comments here for public discussion / debate.

The main question is:

If one were to set Text and Link colors using a style sheet, should one
also define the background colors for these elements as well?

On Fri, 24 Jan 1997 11:49:10 +0100, Urban Fredriksson <>
>I think my suggestion from yesterday can be simplified:
>a) If you as an author or user set any of:
>   BODY color or background, A color or background,
>   then:
>   Set _at least_ all of:
>   BODY color, BODY background, 
>   A:name color, A:name background, 
>   A:link color, A:link background, 
>   A:visited color, A:visited background, 
>   A:active color, A:active background
>   (regardless of what you as an author do in the document 
>   itself, with BODY BGCOLOR, FONT COLOR and the like
>   or as a user what other default settings your browser has)
>b) If you as an author or user set the colour of any 
>   element at all:
>   Set both color and background for it.
>For now, I can't think of cases were this will produce
>worse results than "ugly". 
> Urban Fredriksson

Comments appreciated and welcomed.


John Pozadzides
W e b  D e s i g n  G r o u p

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