Re: visibility of elements

Patrick Telegone wrote:
> Wouldn't it be good if we had in the style-sheet specification a way to
> specify the visibility of an element.
> I think that we could have a new property named "visibility" that could
> have 3 values: "invisible", "folded", "normal".

See,s to me that there are really two different things here.  One
is whether the element is rendered,  that's adequately covered by
display.  display: none should tell the UA not to display the specified
selector.  (I confess that I haven't implemented it yet,  but it is in
the spec)

.nodisplay { display: none }


<P CLASS=nodisplay>This paragraph won't be shown by the user agent </P>

> with a CSS. With this feature, one could also tell that the lists of his
> document are folded, when the document is loaded, so that the reader have
> a more general view of the document when it first appears.

I think this would be an interesting feature.  I'd add a new property
which applied to block level elements.  Something like display-style:
outline or display-style: normal.  You could also extend display by
adding outline as a new type to block and list-item.

Something like:

OL, UL { display: outline }

and now all OL or UL elements rendered with some sort of expand/contract

Doug Rand
Silicon Graphics/Silicon Desktop
Disclaimer: These are my views,  SGI's views are in 3D

Received on Monday, 24 February 1997 15:27:36 UTC