Re: visibility of elements

   Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 15:27:28 -0500
   From: Douglas Rand <>
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   I think this would be an interesting feature.  I'd add a new property
   which applied to block level elements.  Something like display-style:
   outline or display-style: normal.  You could also extend display by
   adding outline as a new type to block and list-item.

   Something like:

   OL, UL { display: outline }

   and now all OL or UL elements rendered with some sort of expand/contract

To me, it would make sense to create a more general feature.  Maybe extend
the selector syntax so that you can write

OL:foobarbutton, UL:foobarbutton { display: none}

(the colon is the wrong punctuation.  The exact details of my proposal
are vague.  But hopefully you can see that I just want to expand
selectors so that we can make them depend upon the current state of a form.)

However, it would be nice if a web browser could handle showing something
resembling a Mac's view by name mode, where you can click on an arrow
next to any directory and see the contents expanded.  This creates
a ton of new problems, because you don't want to download a list of
ever file on the server in order to show the toplevel directory.
For that to work, what you really need is a conditional include mechanism.
I suspect that several proposals for such a thing are floating around,
but none have been particularily endorsed.

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