Re: visibility of elements

On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Patrick Telegone wrote:

> Wouldn't it be good if we had in the style-sheet specification a way to
> specify the visibility of an element.
> I think that we could have a new property named "visibility" that could
> have 3 values: "invisible", "folded", "normal". 

I think this would only be particularly useful if user agents provided a
simple way of overriding certain commands in style groups (eg by having an
overriding style sheet, or by having one generated on-the-fly according to
the user's preferences). In this way, using derived styles, we could have
something like (without thinking at all about syntax):

Lists: visibility=display; color=red	\\ all lists displayed red
List1: 					\\ as a normal list
List2: color=blue			\\ blue list
List3: visibility=folded		\\ starts off folded

If all lists which the user might want to play around with had their own
style group, then the user could then be easily given the option of
folding and unfolding them simply by allowing the user to override style
attributes for each style groups.

Just a thought,

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