Re: DSSSL style editing (was: RE: Positioning...)

>To accomplish this goal of creating some stylesheet information that
>works with some XML means very strict agreement on the use of keywords,
>and parsing of elements if you are ever to get different "intellegent"
>editors to cooperate.

My point was that someone said HTML succeeded because it was an
interoperable, device, and application independent format. That's
absolute rubbish. The fact that most editors actually edit a different
syntax *and* structure renders it quite impossible to actually send
reasonably complex HTML pages through a workflow incorporating many
different applications, and expect anything other than garbage to
appear out the back (the fact that it often looks OK is even worse)..

The syntax/parsing of XML is (and will become increasingly so)
strictly defined. I fully expect validation of *parsers* to be a
requirement in XML software production. I also fully expect some
standardisation on the abtract representation of XML (the XML grove
plan), which will dictate the overall application model for most

Once we have the above, it is possible, and not even particularly
hard, to build editors that can not only read in stylesheets and XML
files, but also maintain the structural and semantic integrity of

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