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On Feb 5, 12:38pm, Charles Peyton Taylor wrote:

>     I *thought* that em's were the width of the letter "m" in
> a font, but the spec says that it's equal to the height of
> the elements font [2], so what do I know?

The reason it is called an 'em" as opposed to, say, an 'eye' is that
these two measurements are frequently the same for 'M' and the height of
the font is generally a more readilly accessible item of information
than the width of a particular character.

> It makes sense,
> though, that ems are "m"s, especially when exs are "x"s.


>     Also, "IE" is not necessarily what you
> might think of as being "IE" because the Mac version does
> things that the W95 version doesn't;

yes - folks, please quote platform as well as version when discussing
behaviour. Of course, Win95 users might not have noticed that a Mac
version is available which is fair enough. Well, now they know ;-)

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