Re: DSSSL style editing (was: RE: Positioning...)

> >With HTML I can create a page in Emacs post and post it to my web server.
> >Then John can download it with Netscape Gold, edit it, and post it back to
> >the web server. Then Steve can download it and edit it with PageMill and post
> >it back. Then Andrea can download it, modify it with FrontPage and post it
> >back.
> have you ever actually *done* this? For anything other than the most
> trivial HTML, I think oyu'd be surprised at the results!!

I have done this with Microsoft Word's Internet Assistant, Claris
Homepage, and Netscape Navigator Gold. I'm going to agree with Gavin
here for the most part. Most of the UNIX based editors, or editors that
originated on UNIX understand the methodology behind this level of
compatibility and work well. I would expect Emacs and NNGold to be a
compatible combination. However, many of the Mac/Win editors, attempt
to compensate for the lack of knowledge in the average user and often
end up horribly mangling any and sometimes all HEAD information,
especially META information. Navigator handles it quite well, it was a
horrible struggle to get IA and Claris HP to agree on how to read one
another's HEAD outputs.

To accomplish this goal of creating some stylesheet information that
works with some XML means very strict agreement on the use of keywords,
and parsing of elements if you are ever to get different "intellegent"
editors to cooperate.

Mary E. S. Morris

Received on Wednesday, 5 February 1997 13:20:58 UTC