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Charles Peyton Taylor writes:

 > There is one at W3C:

 > I can think of several reasons for the link being removed: 
 > the list page is based on 3.0b1 (for Windows 95) when 3.01 is 
 > out with improvements (and MSIE 3.0 for Macintosh has a higher 
 > level of support) and perhaps it would be unfair to fully 
 > document only one browser's support when soon more than one 
 > major browser will have CSS support (of course, whether the 
 > W3C should, or even has the time to track compliance of CSS 
 > is another question.)

Right. The link was removed since I no longer had time to track IE3.
The MS programmers were faster..

For W3C, interoperability is a major concern and tracking conformance
is a part of that. Also, we hope to publish CSS1 test suites in the

There is room for volunteer efforts in this area, both in updating
feature/but pages and (a much bigger job) help compile test suites.



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