Re: Object Model (was Re: Positioning HTML Elements with Cascading Style Sheets)

On Feb 3,  3:11pm, Paul Prescod wrote:

> Joel N. Weber II wrote:
> >
> > On Mon, 3 Feb 1997, Chris Lilley wrote:
> > I think that the scripting API ought to allow HTML text, the tags and
> > attributes to be changed.


I would like to point out that I did not write the sentence quoted above;
Paul appears to have summarised what Joel and I were discussing and
attributed it to me.

> #1. Validating documents would become meaningless and useless.

Depends on how the change was done. It is possible to rearrange a valid SGML
document instance into another, valid, SGML document instance.

> #2. Search engine results would depend on their level of support for
> "interpreting" HTML  documents.

Again, depends on how it was done. If all the content is there, search
engines can index it all.

> #3. Existing SGML tools would all break, or be much less useful
> (depending on how the change was done).

I agree with the second part of your sentence.

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