IE bug list -Reply

There is one at W3C:

The link to this page appears to be taken off the W3C 
Style web page, so it may not be available for long. 

I can think of several reasons for the link being removed: 
the list page is based on 3.0b1 (for Windows 95) when 3.01 is 
out with improvements (and MSIE 3.0 for Macintosh has a higher 
level of support) and perhaps it would be unfair to fully 
document only one browser's support when soon more than one 
major browser will have CSS support (of course, whether the 
W3C should, or even has the time to track compliance of CSS 
is another question.)

This is, of course, all my own speculation.

I've been thinking about writing up a new list of 
bugs and missing functionality, and several other 
people have mentioned it as well, so maybe something 
will come of it if someone has the time.

>>> >Mary Morris <marym@Finesse.COM> 02/03/97 08:27am >>>
>At one point, I thought that there was a list of bugs about
>Microsoft's implementation of stylesheets in IE. I can't seem to find
>it and I'd like to check it and possibly add to it. Am I
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