Object Model (was Re: Positioning HTML Elements with Cascading Style Sheets)

On Feb 2,  9:07am, Chris Josephs wrote:

> In the positioning draft we see the first example of mixing a scripting
> language (JS) and a stylesheet (CSS).  While I am not against the idea of
> the interaction, I do think a little more thought should be given to it.
> If such interaction is desired, perhaps a true method for CSS manipulation
> should be declared.  What about the idea of a specific proposal declaring
> a scripting interface to CSS?

I think this would be termed an object model.

> If this were to happen, this interface should do two things:
> 1.  Provide an independent interface, not necessarily tied to one
> scripting language.  Manipulation should be equally possible with
> JavaScript and Visual Basic, and possible future scripting languages.

Right. Language independent APIs

> 2.  Provide the ability to retrieve values and set values to various
> properties.

Yes. And retrieve and set the content of various tags and various
environmental variables, too, perhaps.

> If something like this isn't implemented, Several existing scripting
> languages out there already may devise cheap "hacks" that may not take
> full advantage of using CSS.  It's going to be a whole lot better in the
> long run if we were to get this specified now than to regret it later.

This is being worked on. Do you have any further thoughts about which
features are the most valuable?

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