RE: Introducing NetscapeML

On Sun, 30 Jun 1996 19:42:01 -0700, Thomas Reardon <> wrote:
> "continue to work on implementing ... HTML 3.2 features"  Um, Alex,
> hello, you ALREADY implement it.

He may have been refering to the fact that the latest version now finally
supports <U>underlined text</U>. It *still* won't do <table align=center>,
though. I have been pointing out this bug for more than a year now but
they just won't fix it. They also don't fully implement the client-side
imagemap specs (can't put the map data in a separate file) and I don't know
if Netscape or any other browser besides Lynx makes use of the ALT text in
the AREA elements if image loading is turned off. Of course, no browser I
have ever seen implements DIR and MENU the way they were intended (i.e.
without bullets and in columns). So yes, there are still a few things 
Netscape (and most other browser vendors) still have to do to fully
implement HTML 3.2.

Marcus E. Hennecke

Received on Monday, 1 July 1996 13:04:08 UTC