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 From: Scott Porad <>
| Would someone mind explaining to this newbie what CSS1 is?

CSS1 is the Cascading Style Sheet (level 1) specification, a notation
for specifying the presentation of elements of an HTML document.

The idea of stylesheets is to allow an author or editor or reader to
specify the desired form of presentation of the material in a document,
*outside* the document itself.  The body of the document can then
contain only structual markup - markup that indicates the nature of and
relationships between internal elements of the document.  The stylesheet
assigns presentation attributes (like type size and style, vertical
spacing, and color) to elements.

CSS1 is one particular, relatively simple, notation for recording
presentation style information for HTML documents.  It is being
developed under the auspices of the W3C.  Several major browser vendors,
including Microsoft and Netscape, have said that they will support CSS1
in the future. Another, more complex but more powerful, mechanism is
DSSSL (Document Style Semantics and Specification Language), which is an
approved ISO standard (10179:1996) for representing styling of SGML

The current draft of the CSS1 specification is at:; for details.

A good source for DSSSL information is


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