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RE: here's a list of companies/organizations potentially interested Re: Rules WG -- draft charter

From: Minsu Jang <minsu@etri.re.kr>
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 14:26:23 +0900
To: "'Benjamin Grosof'" <bgrosof@mit.edu>
Cc: <www-rdf-rules@w3.org>
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I would like to inform you that we also have much interest in rules
aspects of the semantic web.
In our research institute, ETRI, saveral projects were initiated to
research and develop technologies
for applying web ontologies and rules to the real problems of electronic
commerce, distributed
knowledge processing, natural language processing, semantic seraching
We have put much effort in  following the development phases of OWL and
RuleML, and 
have just started to produce some interesting results - tools and
frameworks etc.

Here's a showcase of our results.

- Bossam rule engine: a forward-chaining rule engine which supports OWL
importing and inferencing.
- OWLer: an OWL inference system. It uses JTP for inferencing.
- ezOWL: a Protege plugin for visual editing of OWL documents.
- MOA: a merging tool for merging multiple OWL ongologies.
- Buchingae: a web-friendly rule language. not XML-based.
- LogicML: a rule markup language, which is a slight extension of
RuleML's hornlog.

I'm a developer in charge of Bossam rule engine, and have announced OWL
test results
of Bossam at public-webont-comments list.

Well, this mail sort of reads like an advertisement, and it really is. I
wanted to announce that
there's one more research organization you might think of as supporting
W3C semantic
web activity and having interests in Rules WG. ;-)

Thanks for reading,
Minsu Jang
Senior Member of Research Staff
Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute

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> Subject: here's a list of companies/organizations potentially 
> interested Re: Rules WG -- draft charter
> Hi folks,
> I've made an annotated list of companies and other institutional 
> organizations that I believe to be interested in a potential 
> semantic web 
> rules W3C standard.  It's intended to aid discussion around 
> developing/proposing the charter for the Rules Working Group, 
> and start the 
> process
> of providing evidence to the W3C Advisory Committee that there is 
> sufficient interest to justify forming a Rules WG.
> I suggested to TimBL yesterday the idea of making and 
> propagating such a 
> list, and he was very positive about it which helped motivate 
> me to do it.
> The list includes a bunch of current W3C members, both large 
> and small, as 
> well as other organizations that are not W3C members.
> It's based in considerable part on the participants and 
> contacts that I and 
> my co-conspirators (esp. Said Tabet and Harold Boley) have 
> developed in the 
> RuleML Initiative and in the related efforts in DAML, Joint 
> Committee, and 
> SWSI (Semantic Web Services Initiative).
> I've attached MS Word version and plaintext version.
> Unfortunately, I can't access my webserver til early next 
> week due to some 
> security glitches.
> The list will then be posted on my site, at
> http://ebusiness.mit.edu/bgrosof/#SWSRulesPotentialInteresteds
> Benjamin
> ______________________________________________________________
> __________________________________
> Prof. Benjamin Grosof
> Web Technologies for E-Commerce, Business Policies, 
> E-Contracting, Rules, 
> XML, Agents, Semantic Web Services
> MIT Sloan School of Management, Information Technology group
> http://ebusiness.mit.edu/bgrosof or http://www.mit.edu/~bgrosof
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