RE: Why Rdf?

Ok, thanks for your explanation Charles. But, is not the if i use xml format
or another, to represent my information?.

Now, i want to develop a University site, that has Library access (all
information about books and reservation), students informations and teachers
information. My point is, which are the advantages to that rdf has to
develop this and Is not the same if i develop using jsp, ejb or jb (java
beans) or servlets?.

i appreciate your opinion about this?. and if you have any information about
the future of rdf, which companies use this technology, the usability,
security and other point you can send me.

thanks a lot

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You could indeed do the same thing using servlets and jsp. Or COBOL. Some
reasons why I would use RDF instead:

1. When I want to migrate the project to a new computer/mobile
that has a different server setup I don't need to rewrite my code.

2. When I want to extend the project with some new kind of information I
don't need to write new code for handling most of the extension. For
to extend "foaf" applications to understand what language(s) people speak,
and what their interests are, I simply need to render the extra RDF triples
in a user interface. Passing around RDF means that I don't care what is
inside it.

3. Because it is a data format, not active code, I can decide at any time to
search the data for email addresses coming from Spanish-speaking countries
and suggest that people look at - the
spanish Wiki page on RDF. To do this with jsp/servlets I need to write a new
interface to the data, so I need to understand the existing code as well as
the data that is presented.



On Sun, 23 Nov 2003, Federico Rozados wrote:

>Hello all, how are you?.
>I have to develope something to show the usability of RDF, but i couldnīt
>see why rdf i so important or which is the usability of rdf. I think that
>could do the same things using java servlets and jsp.
>can someone explain me why to use rdf?.

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