Re: Why Rdf?

You could indeed do the same thing using servlets and jsp. Or COBOL. Some
reasons why I would use RDF instead:

1. When I want to migrate the project to a new computer/mobile phone/platform
that has a different server setup I don't need to rewrite my code.

2. When I want to extend the project with some new kind of information I
don't need to write new code for handling most of the extension. For example,
to extend "foaf" applications to understand what language(s) people speak,
and what their interests are, I simply need to render the extra RDF triples
in a user interface. Passing around RDF means that I don't care what is
inside it.

3. Because it is a data format, not active code, I can decide at any time to
search the data for email addresses coming from Spanish-speaking countries
and suggest that people look at - the
spanish Wiki page on RDF. To do this with jsp/servlets I need to write a new
interface to the data, so I need to understand the existing code as well as
the data that is presented.



On Sun, 23 Nov 2003, Federico Rozados wrote:

>Hello all, how are you?.
>I have to develope something to show the usability of RDF, but i couldnīt
>see why rdf i so important or which is the usability of rdf. I think that we
>could do the same things using java servlets and jsp.
>can someone explain me why to use rdf?.

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