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From: "Sean B. Palmer" <>

> guidelines / advices / practises on creating RDF based syntaxes. Thus,
> such a group could be looking at not only producing alternate syntaxes
> for RDF such as furthering the excellent work done on Notation3, but
> also on guidelines for creating your own, such as Seth likes to do

Well I'm sure that's the way it looks to you all; but it's not my intention
to have my own language.  I sinserly hope that Semenglish will become a
widly used RDF language; even perchance the lingua franca.  I branched from
N3 because of TBL's silence about my concerns; and also because I simply
don't think that the W3C will be willing to be as bold as I am attempting to
be.  I intend to evolve Semenglish to be as close to English as
technologically possible, while still preserving it's parseability by
machines and its translatability back into connical RDF/XML.   Others
contributions, as always, are enthusiastically solicited.  Sean has already
contributed much to this effort .. he asked for the ability to just use the
rdf:label in the verb slot .. he got it, see below.



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