Re: Semantic Memories, and other SW developments

> I drew a concept map contrasting your experience of the Web
> with your experience of the Semantic Cloud, and suggesting
> that perhaps the latter is more analogous to our experience
> within out society, than it is to the former.

Yes, that's more or less the direction in which I'm starting to think.
Of course, the difference between a SM and your mind is that you can
have an almost unlimited number of SM's. Another *similarity* that you
forgot to mention (well, it's hard to represent on a graph) is the
fact that society itself is bordered and fragmented. Same goes for the
Semantic Cloud I think. I suppose the "Semantic Web" is the sum parts
of the fragmented Semantic Cloud, the SM, and the interactions between

It seems that every few days lately I write another
article/introduction about the SW. In the upcoming one, I'll probably
be including more pragmatic material, rather than some of the abstract
notions of previous "introductions". Many people seem to be arguing by
example that doing the small things and getting the SW going is more
important that getting an overall picture of it - i.e. discovery over
authoring. I'm not sure... I don't think there's any harm in
overviews... heck, if there were more overviews of the WWW at the
beginning, we may have had more browsers that could edit as well, and
that would have lead to a more cooperative Web.

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