RDFS typographical issues

Some minor typographical issues in RDFS:

1) The first XML example uses rdf:Description instead of the cleaner typeElt
syntax. Is there any reason for this? I suggest it be changed for clarity.

2) The XML examples use unqualified attributes like ID. These should be
replaced with the qualified rdf:ID.

3) RDFS should probably not include xml:lang since this is something likely
to be modified by the RDF Core WG.

4) In section 4.1.3 the spec states: "a more comprehensive schema mapping
mechanism for RDF may be developed in future W3C Activity." I believe this
is a typo and should be either "in a future W3C Activity" or "in future W3C

5) Section 3.1.1 includes much of the same information on
rdfs:ConstraintResource as section 4.2. A link to section 4.2 should be
added to section 3.1.1 and the duplicate wording should be considered for

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Received on Wednesday, 21 February 2001 20:57:25 UTC