Re: Decentralized RDF Distribution

Danny Ayers <> wrote:

> So the inference mechanism would be centralised? If so then I suppose the
> problem here boils down to propagating the updates in a way that maintains
> the transaction idea. The effects that (potentially) lead to infinite loops
> could be a devil to calm (a distributed inference system could cause the
> same problems) - though as you seem to be swuggesting, one step at a time...

Whoa there -- we don't have to worry about inference yet. Let's just try and
get the data to move. Inference can be done locally, and not thrown back
into the stream to prevent looping.

> BTW, were you thinking of hacking the inference mechanism together or using
> an existing tool/shell (e.g. Jess)?


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Received on Tuesday, 20 February 2001 14:22:33 UTC